The Season’s Bounty

The Last Stand at Harlow Farm is featuring the height of the season’s bounty, everything from sweet corn to tomatoes, greens, lettuce, kale, and much more.

As the days get shorter, look for fall produce and storage crops. Soon we’ll be picking fall raspberries, and we’ll have mums for sale later in August.

It has been a challenging weather year for the farm—many torrential downpours and an intense hailstorm made it difficult to grow and harvest some of our crops. No one said that farming is risk-free!

        As always, we have a wide selection of vegetables and fruits, organic and conventional.

        Eggs, chicken, beef, and pork raised here on Harlow Farm are available.

        We offer both organic and conventional dairy products–milk, cheeses, butter, and more.

        Harlow Farm-made jams, pickles, chutney, and condiments, as well as our own frozen vegetables are available, along with beans, rice, nuts, olive oil, vinegar, spices, and a selection of other fine staples.

        Snacks? We have them—cold drinks, chips, dried fruit, nuts, and more.

Michael Lenox is at his Café Loco for the thirteenth year.

Stop by and say hello to Dan, Dee, Catherine, Kim, Del, and Becky.


You can also find Harlow Farm produce and eggs at our local Farmers Markets through October:

        Bellows Falls, VT Friday evenings, 4-7 PM at the Waypoint Center



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