Meet the farm team

Paul Harlow

Paul Harlow, Owner

Paul Harlow has farmed Harlow Farm for his entire life, taking over the business from his father, Hocker, in 1975. The farm has been in his family since 1917. Today it comprises three
farmsteads and grows 200 acres of organic vegetables sold wholesale locally and across the
eastern United States, as well as at Harlow Farmstand.

Dan Harlow, Owner and Manager, Harlow Farmstand.

Dan Harlow has operated Harlow Farmstand since 1991, when it was first built on the footprint of his grandfather’s farmstand, the Log Cabin market. The stand is the fruit of Dan’s vision and his hard work for nearly 30 years, bringing fresh organic produce and much more to our community.

Evan Harlow

Evan Harlow grew up working on the family farm. As the size and complexity of the farm has increased, Evan has concentrated on providing back office support, managing payroll and human resource management, in addition to supporting crew management and tractor work.

Cory Walker

Cory Walker is the principal grower and production leader. An experienced farmer who has owned and operated his own business for many years, Cory joined Harlow Farm to lead the overall production. He focuses on crew leadership and prioritization of tasks. Cory is the day-to-day leader for farm activities. Read More

Amanda Martin

Amanda Martin started at the farm in 2011 and now has many responsibilities including: filling trays, seeding watering, fertilizing, transplanting vegetables in the field, weeding, cultivating on a tractor, and harvesting. During the winter, she has helped develop our farm kitchen. That includes processing vegetables and fruit, canning jam, salsa, dilly beans–anything we can process, we do. She was born in Bellows Falls, Vermont and is the second of five children. “I have two amazing sons,” Amanda says. “Growing up I quickly understood the importance of hard work and the respect it deserves. I get enjoyment out of seeing the vegetables grow and knowing I had a hand in the whole process. Being outdoors and having a huge variety of things that I can do is why I love farming.”

Eli Eckley

Eli Eckley


Savanna Wilson

Chad Parker

Chad Parker


Josh Corliss


Patrick Richardson


Tony Outlaw