Corn Chowder

photo of a bowl of corn chowder

I’ve tried several corn chowder recipes of my own and others but I keep coming back to simpler is better with this old New England farm favorite.

You will need; 4 slices of bacon, (you can substitute bacon or ham ends for the 4 slices of bacon) 3 medium size potatoes, cut into 1/2” cubes, 4 C corn (I use frozen corn from summer), 1 medium onion and 1 sm celeriac, chopped, 2 C chicken broth, 2 C whole milk or cream and pepper, you probably don’t want salt due to the bacon.

Cook the bacon until crispy and fat has been melted. Take out all but a few tablespoons of fat, add chopped onion and celeriac, cook until tender. In a separate pot, cook potatoes and ½ the corn in the chicken stock until soft. Take out a few cups and whir in blender, add back to pot, add bacon mixture, remainder of the corn, and cream/milk and pepper to taste, cook a few minutes longer until heated through.

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